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Welcome to Aconite.

Aconite Productions is an innovative Scottish based production company that specialises in the production of quality feature documentaries for theatrical audiences and broadcast. In collaboration with international partners, our passion is to bring stories of global significance to the world stage.

Passion is our heart. Mobilization is our key.
It takes both to successfully produce the ambitious projects we undertake.

Working together we can achieve meaningful changes in our world. Our partners are:

  • People who have stories to tell
  • Passionate documentary professionals
  • Enquiring audiences
  • Individuals looking to invest in catalysts for change
  • Funding organisations
  • Distributors and festival organisers
  • Charities ,Voluntary Organisations and NGOs
  • Media professionals

We are delighted to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us. Contact us.

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The excellent artistic documentary-maker Victor Kossakovsky takes his audience on an epic, visually poetic journey, which reflects our connection to water on many levels.
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The story of a city in conflict between its environment and its people. In order to live there, people have to break the city’s rules.
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