Sebastien’s first month at Aconite



Aconite is now extending its growth as new recruit Sebastien Regnier gets his feet wet and his hands dirty.

“After a month working for Aconite as a Business Development Assistant, I feel delighted! It is exciting to be involved in projects that are so deeply anchored in the real world. I feel like I can be a social contributor and really enjoy that. It’s not only about being part of the documentary film industry, it’s also about helping communities. Trying to really make a change.”

Aconite’s office sits in the old Burgh Primary School in Rutherglen. The beautiful building has been restored and modernised, turning it into hub for small businesses and boosting the economic potential of the area.

“It’s good to feel I’m part of the economic growth of Rutherglen. It’s great to see plans being turned into actions.  Rutherglen is really starting to flourish.”

The Burgh Business Centre in Rutherglen

The Burgh Business Centre in Rutherglen

The building has been fully renovated inside, to suit an office environment. Yet it has also kept its character and style. “It’s an elegant combination of modern and old, with very bright and open spaces. It’s a super nice environment. Add lovely and passionate colleagues and that’s you not wanting to leave work!”

Working with producers Aimara Reques, Su Bainbridge and Lorna Ferguson, Sebastien’s role is to assist and ensure the growth of the business.

“It’s very varied, I assist the team in implementing tailored marketing and sales strategies and in developing better internal structures. When needed, I also give a hand to Aimara, Su or Lorna for their respective projects – research, phone calls, deliveries – you name it! There’s a contagious enthusiasm in the team. It’s very positive!”

Sebastien is now looking forward to getting on with development projects, furthering his experience of the industry and contributing to positive change. “Exciting times ahead! I cannot wait to see the outcomes of this journey!”

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