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Country of co-production: Canada
Development support from Creative Scotland and Lowik Media (Canada)


ELECTRIC MALADY is a documentary film combined with a digital interactive experience that explores what it’s like to suffer from Electrosensitivity.

Having experienced herself the effects of Electrosensitivity (ES), Swedish filmmaker Marie Liden explores the vulnerability of people suffering this condition, in an age when more than ever we are exposed to the effects of electrical networks and with few places to escape them.

In Sweden during the late 1980’s people started reporting unusual health issues, with symptoms directly related to electricity. In the beginning it was seen as a modern-day hysteria that mainly affected women. Doctors and the media dismissed these women as ‘Sveda, Värk och Bränn Kärringar’, roughly translated as ‘Scorching Burning Bitches’.

The film aims to demystify this increasingly common illness and to help provide some answers to the science behind it.


Director: Marie Liden

A collaboration with Canadian producers Bart Simpson and Lucie Tremblay of Lowik Media Interactive platform design and development: Jamie Balliu of Up Creatives

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Development support from Creative ScotlandTribeca Film Institute and Eurimages
Country of co-production: Germany; US and Denmark

Iconic and acclaimed film director Victor Kossakovsky takes us on an epic journey, at the heart of which is the majestic element: water.  Filming from an iceberg as it ruptures from a polar ice sheet and traverses the open sea, we experience the beauty of this essential life-giving element as well as its shattering power.

In Victor Kossakosvky’s own words:

“… through the natural lens of water you can see, experience and feel the ebb and flow of all known human emotions – anger, aggression, peacefulness, nobility, loneliness, jealousy…everything! …I want to film every possible emotion that can be experienced whilst interacting with water: beautiful emotions along with horrible ones. Ecstasy and inspiration, destruction and human devastation.”

Director: Victor Kossakovsky

A co-production with, Louverture Films and Danish Documentary Production.

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girl cooking


Commissioned by Al Jazeera English (AJE)

This film follows Shorouq, a girl who lives in Gaza who soon will be celebrating her 15th birthday. In her community this means compulsory womanhood, being ready for  marriage, wearing the hijab, no more playing with friends in the street, especially with boys. Shorouq is an intelligent, socially engaging girl who can be rebellious. She is not ready to face womanhood as war rages around her.
It is a simple, touching, human story that puts us in touch with the meaning of ‘adulthood’ and the paradoxes associated with it.

Directors: Wesam Mousa and Rana Ayoub 

Producer: Su Bainbridge  

Producer in Gaza: Sami Zyara  

Executive Producer: Aimara Reques 

DOP: Frank Smith  

Editor: Lee Archer    

Music: Soundbyte

Sound Design: John Cobban

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Garry Fraser behind bars


Commissioned by BBC and Creative Scotland

Filmmaker and recovered heroin addict, Garry Fraser, takes us on a journey as
he faces some demons from his past. In doing so he takes us to the heart of his
community that was ripped apart by an AIDS epidemic during the 1980’s. The
story reveals a poor community struggling with addiction and the spread of a virus
that killed a large proportion of their youngsters. This is an open and heart rending
journey where Fraser needs to face some grim challenges before moving forward
with his own life.

Writer/Director: Garry Fraser

Co-writer: Lorna Hutcheon

Producer: Aimara Reques

PM: Su Bainbridge

DOP: Garry Torrance

Editor: Lee Archer

Music: Zambian Astronaut

Sound Design: John Cobban

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datuna 1


Country of co-production: Republic of Georgia Production

Georgian boy, Datuna, is a charismatic former street child in need of a life saving operation. His magnetic personality has drawn aid to his plight in the form of Edinburgh based philanthropist Madge. Eventually Datuna travels to Scotland with his Georgian carers. Two cultures combine and collide on the unpredictable journey to ensure Datuna receives the care and treatment he needs. This is a poignant story that reveals the human capacity to fight poor odds and the vulnerability in daring to care. It’s an extraordinary journey for a young boy who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Director/Producer: Aimara Reques
Development Funding from Channel 4 and Creative Scotland

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